November 2, 2011

Super nail!

I feel prettier when my nails are clean and fab! I've always had long nails and changing nail paint is one of my favorite things to do in the world!

I've discovered Beauty Bar's Metallic Nails earlier this year and since then, i've been getting them regularly. I've actually tried all colors already! They come in different sizes for best fit :-)

My favorite chrome nails!
All gold tiger print!
I call them "Iron Man" nails! (They're easily scratched off.)
Downside is, since these are glued on your real nails, layers of your nails are peeled off upon removal of the metallic plastic nails. You melt them in acetone before years of buffering, just imagine how much of your nails are gone!

I rested my nails for a month and discovered Super Nail in Hong Kong! These are also fake nails but in gel form which are molded on your real nails. You can choose from a lot (literally a lot) of colors and studs to put on your pretty nails.

I know these will also damage my nails but the thought that they're "permanently"molded on my real nails without worrying about each of my nail falling off everytime I hit something pretty hard is already something better for me. Besides, when your nails are damaged, will you want to display them? Of course not, so i'm covering mine! haha 

Beauty Bar Metallic nails (application only): Php 800 for both hands (Regardless of size)
Soak & Melt/ Removal of Metallic nails: Php 350
Super Nail: My set above shown is 450HKD +20HKD tip

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