July 20, 2012

BEAUTY SHOOT for Philippine Star YSTYLE

 Tan Goddess
Contoured eyes + contoured cheekbones, defined brows and nude lips, an elegant look that we can all wear everyday! I love defining and enhancing facial features, I just think it gives us character. Contouring also does a lot in making someone look thinner, so why not invest time in learning how to contour if one month worth of RF is just 2 minutes in makeup? haha!

I mostly used Naked I and II palettes for this look. As for the hair, we wanted big curls that will frame her beautiful face. 

Very berry lips
Lipstain! If you find wearing red lipstick too much for everyday wear, try to just dab it onto lips using your fingers or fully apply the lipstick then remove it using dry tissue, this will give you natural reddish-pinkish looking lips :)

Glossy Lids
This is a pretty look but it's hard to keep the whole day since it's humid in Manila. You'd need to keep retouching and making sure you're eye makeup isn't creasing, but what the hell, beauty sometimes mean pain haha! Just make sure to keep the rest of your face matte so you don't look too oily :) 

Golden Barbie
I always make sure I choose the correct shades of makeup that would compliment the outfit AND accessories, just like this golden makeup matched with her accessories :)

Bright makeup :)
I'm sure only few of us would dare wear this colorful shades all at the same time, but if you choose the correct complimenting colors and you know how to carry yourself, you can pull it off!
By the way, lipcolor I put on her is my super favorite Mac Party Parrot! 

Cat eyes!
Super smokey eyes! I emphasized her eyes by making her brows very light (almost erased). Given that she's wearing heavy eye makeup, I gave her pale lips! Very catwalk look but obviously not an everyday look though you can wear this when going out at night :)

Photography: Roy Macam
Styling: Alyanna Martinez
Makeup: Lei Hosseinzadeh
Hair: DenDen Perez
Model: Liza of Elite

Makeup used:
URBAN DECAY Naked Palette I & II
Mac Lipsticks: Blankety, Runway Red + Extended Play, Pink Nouveau, Party Parrot, To the Future!
Contouring: Mac Blush in Harmony
Eyebrows: Mac Eyeshadow in Espresso + Mac Browset in Girl Boy
Airbrush: TSZ Airbrush Foundation (https://www.facebook.com/promakeupcentral for orders)

July 9, 2012

TSZ Airbrush Makeup

I love my TSZ! At first I was hesitant to get myself this mini compressor because I was already satisfied with my baby mini personal compressor which I also used for my first makeup gigs. I realized my work can be faster if I get a bigger one and better gun so I got this! I wasn't wrong, i've been using this for months now and it's awesome! It makes work faster, easier and better. The pressure is adjustable unlike the personal kit and there's gauge to help you be more precise, of course you need to increase or decrease pressure depending on the area you're airbrushing. I usually go with high pressure when applying foundation, then go lower when it's blush and highlighter. 

The airbrush gun has .35mm nozzle which is the most common size. It's also easy to use, light, handy and obviously sturdier than smaller guns. It's also easy to maintain and clean than our usual sponges and brushes! You just need dilutor and cleanser to rinse all the remains and avoid clogging :) I also like the idea that I don't need to use a lot of non disposable sponges cause it takes away the disinfecting process that we spend a lot of time on.

TSZ has their own line of makeup too, of course, to go with your airbrush kit! :)  They are all silicone base which helps you achieve flawless finish without applying tons of layers that only result to unnecessary caking. It conceals and fills the unwanted fine lines that we all want to hide. What's also nice about it is the fact that it lasts the whole day without making you feel like wearing any in the first place.

Personally, I use F7 for foundation and F9 which is a darker shade for contour, then my favorite blush shade is B4. And my most favorite in all their products is G7 which I use as highlighter on cheekbones to temple, browbones and inner eye corners. I swear, G7 does wonders and gives you an awesome glow and instant facelift! 

Sharing TSZ's contact details below so you can purchase yours now! (Philippines only):

July 4, 2012

Thank you GOODYPH!

THANK YOU GOODY PHILIPPINES for all the goodies you sent me!!! 

Get yourself this modern updo Goody pin and be able to get your dream updo in just 2 minutes! :)
Directions on how to use is inside the box.

Stayput really holds hair in place and you won't have the same sliding problem with headbands! It's really a good buy for those who go run, bike and work out a lot ;)

I shall blog about the rest of my freebies soon!

July 3, 2012

SoFA x L'Oreal Hair Design Atelier

I believe that hair is a woman's best accessory, it's our richest ornament and as what most of us say, our hair is our crowning glory. 

I'm sure we'll all agree that it isn't easy to walk into any hair salon and let just anyone touch our hair. And i'm also pretty sure that a lot of us have bad experiences with hair stylists, some may have cut our hair wrong, colored it bad, styled it ugly or dried it due to bad handling. Do you want to experience this? Or, do you want to be one of those who do hair right?




SoFA Design Institute and L'Oreal Philippines venture into hair design as they offer

"Hair Design Atelier"

Hair Design Atelier is a cutting and hairstyling course brought to us by L'Oreal Professionnel and SoFa.

Imagine the combined powers of both strong houses...

You surely won't go wrong with this amazing offer; SoFa being the first specialized design college in the Philippines which has carved its name as one of the country's esteemed design education institutions having partnered with L'Oreal Professionnel, the Parisian House of Hairdressing which places at its core a passionate, inspired and creative pursuit of excellence in the business of beauty and hair care.

The practice of Hair Design has gone beyond salons and is now making its way into major runways and advertising.

The Hair Design Atelier drives at strengthening knowledge on the practicalities of cutting and hairstyling as well as breeding a passion for hair design among fledgling Filipino hairstylists. This intensive course adapts lecture and practical based methods of teaching for rounded instruction. As aids to training, students shall be provided learning modules and references as well as L’Oreal tools and products for practice. Aspiring stylists and seasoned stylists seeking to enhance their current skill set will surely find the course worthwhile.

What are you waiting for?
Enroll now!

Please call Admissions Office at 4784622 loc. 103 or email shortcourses@sofamanila.com for more information on schedules, rates and other course details. 


So I love nails. I'm so addicted to Dashing Diva's metallic nails that I change almost every week! These plastic nails are so easy to glue on and the maintenance is so much less than the usual nail paint that starts chipping after a day. If you're not so particular, you can even keep these metallic nails on for a month max! They come in different sizes so no matter how big or small your nail beds are, you'll find your set! Plus, they look extra HOT! Don't they??? You can also cut them depending on length you want. 

Enjoy looking at my photos below and I wish to see some of you flashing your nails soon, too!

I love animal prints and anything shiny, so this design is just purrfect for me :) 

"Stripe me"
Obviously, another shiny set with an animal feel! Silver nails make my hands look cleaner and fairer too, and since i'm usually in white gold accessories, I mostly get silvers cause they're easier for me to match :)

"Midnight Smoke"
I just wanted to veer away from my usual uber metallic nails so I got these shiny black nails with hints of metallic silver. I love them too cause I get to use either silver or gold accessories :)

Go to Dashing Diva now! My fave branch is the one inside Beauty Bar, 2nd floor Greenbelt 5. All of the nail techs there are good! Whole set is at P800.00 then ask them to apply base/top seal to protect your metallics from scratches, that's just an extra P100.00 for longer hot nails ;-)