April 2, 2012


Loving my new discovery from Beauty Bar, 1 DAY TATTO Real Lasting Eyebrow liner!

Since I started filling my brows, I've always been using Mac Espresso eyeshadow and angled brush. I never switched to liquid brow liners or pencil liners til I saw this girl from Beauty Bar with nice brows haha! She said she uses this 1 Day Tattoo so I bought it! It's easier to apply and it lasts longer than powder. They only come in 2 shades though so I still sometimes use eyeshadow if I wanted a different shade of brows. One way I tweak the color is also by using different shades of brow mascara, if I wanted my brows lighter I can use Beguile or Girl Boy, and if I wanted them closer to my hair shade, I use Show Off :) All Mac brow sets!

A lot of women don't understand the importance of grooming their brows. Most of them usually say filling brows are just for celebrities, haha! REALLY?! You must know that your brows frame your eyes, where people look when you talk. If you have nice, clean, and pretty brows, your eyes become prettier!

Beauty Bar 1 DAY TATTOO: Php895

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