July 3, 2012


So I love nails. I'm so addicted to Dashing Diva's metallic nails that I change almost every week! These plastic nails are so easy to glue on and the maintenance is so much less than the usual nail paint that starts chipping after a day. If you're not so particular, you can even keep these metallic nails on for a month max! They come in different sizes so no matter how big or small your nail beds are, you'll find your set! Plus, they look extra HOT! Don't they??? You can also cut them depending on length you want. 

Enjoy looking at my photos below and I wish to see some of you flashing your nails soon, too!

I love animal prints and anything shiny, so this design is just purrfect for me :) 

"Stripe me"
Obviously, another shiny set with an animal feel! Silver nails make my hands look cleaner and fairer too, and since i'm usually in white gold accessories, I mostly get silvers cause they're easier for me to match :)

"Midnight Smoke"
I just wanted to veer away from my usual uber metallic nails so I got these shiny black nails with hints of metallic silver. I love them too cause I get to use either silver or gold accessories :)

Go to Dashing Diva now! My fave branch is the one inside Beauty Bar, 2nd floor Greenbelt 5. All of the nail techs there are good! Whole set is at P800.00 then ask them to apply base/top seal to protect your metallics from scratches, that's just an extra P100.00 for longer hot nails ;-)

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