July 9, 2012

TSZ Airbrush Makeup

I love my TSZ! At first I was hesitant to get myself this mini compressor because I was already satisfied with my baby mini personal compressor which I also used for my first makeup gigs. I realized my work can be faster if I get a bigger one and better gun so I got this! I wasn't wrong, i've been using this for months now and it's awesome! It makes work faster, easier and better. The pressure is adjustable unlike the personal kit and there's gauge to help you be more precise, of course you need to increase or decrease pressure depending on the area you're airbrushing. I usually go with high pressure when applying foundation, then go lower when it's blush and highlighter. 

The airbrush gun has .35mm nozzle which is the most common size. It's also easy to use, light, handy and obviously sturdier than smaller guns. It's also easy to maintain and clean than our usual sponges and brushes! You just need dilutor and cleanser to rinse all the remains and avoid clogging :) I also like the idea that I don't need to use a lot of non disposable sponges cause it takes away the disinfecting process that we spend a lot of time on.

TSZ has their own line of makeup too, of course, to go with your airbrush kit! :)  They are all silicone base which helps you achieve flawless finish without applying tons of layers that only result to unnecessary caking. It conceals and fills the unwanted fine lines that we all want to hide. What's also nice about it is the fact that it lasts the whole day without making you feel like wearing any in the first place.

Personally, I use F7 for foundation and F9 which is a darker shade for contour, then my favorite blush shade is B4. And my most favorite in all their products is G7 which I use as highlighter on cheekbones to temple, browbones and inner eye corners. I swear, G7 does wonders and gives you an awesome glow and instant facelift! 

Sharing TSZ's contact details below so you can purchase yours now! (Philippines only):


  1. ang taray ng blog mo lei! ahlovet!!! ;-) awesome!

  2. Hi Ms. Lei,
    Available po ba ang mga products na to dito sa Philippines?
    Salamat :D
    ~Pauline @Kallony