September 27, 2012

Makeup I did for Lecit E billboard

Yey! Another makeup I did, this time, I did makeup for Lecit E's billboards which are now up Nationwide!

These talents were so easy to work with! They both have nice skin which made my life easier cause there was nothing much to conceal haha!

Makeup I did on her was light and neutral since product is skin scare, meaning we needed to show her glowing skin. I also made her lips light cause bold lips attract too much attention, that may make you see only the bright lips and not recognize the skin, which we are showing.

Groomed him to give him a more "chiseled" look. I also enhanced his abs a bit so the cuts are more visible (not that he needed it haha)!

You may buy Lecit.E nationwide! I use it myself and I love the effect :)

Hair by Denden Perez

Styling by Alyanna Martinez

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