September 27, 2012

What's your Mac Brow Set shade?

Since I learned how to fill in my brows, I couldn't go out without doing so. Especially when I started using brow mascara! My look just feels incomplete without it. Putting on brow mascara holds your brows in place and tweaks the shade of your natural hair. Each shade gives you different character and look! 

Using Mac Beguile Brow Set photo above. I like this shade when I want my brow color in between, meaning not too dark nor too light. I would say that this is a safe shade for women who are scared to use brow mascara cause its mocca-brown shade doesn't come out too loud when applied.
Beguile is also not as sharp as Mac Show Off which I used in below photo. I love using show off when my hair is up cause it really enhances and sharpens my brows, and its reddish-brown color matches my hair color below perfectly!

A lot of women also love Mac's Girl Boy Brow Set. It surely lightens your brows, giving you a softer look. It enhances your brows in a soft way that they still frame your pretty eyes, which is the whole reason why you wanted to fix your brows! This shade will match perfectly with light brown hair. Please do not use this if you have very black hair! 

Of course Mac Brow Set also comes clear, for men or women who don't want to tweak the natural color of their brows. 

Some makeup artists use gel or hair spray to hold the brows in place instead of using brow mascara!


  1. Hello! I really loved your red brown hair color. Would you mind giving me the exact nsme of that color. Pleaseee email me. I would really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Jessica! It was Loreal hair dye in red mixed with shade 666 :)