October 7, 2012

Hooray to my first winner x Virginia Olsen Minerals

So I had a contest this week with the help of www.virginiaolsen.com :) 
Congratulations to my first winner @rosevangeline! 
Virginia Olsen gave me mineral makeup to try on and even gave extra items to give away! So I thought of using some of the eyeshadow pots they gave and make people suggest my tutorial title for that look! :)

Here's a list of eyeshadow shades I used to achieve this look:
Crescent Moon

A pot is only worth P150.00 and they ship for free within Metro Manila for orders P500 above :) This offer is until October 31, 2012 only so you better order a lot now!

Thank you to Virginia Olsen Minerals for giving me samples of their awesome products! 

Mineral makeup has been popular for a while now and i'm so happy that Virginia Olsen Minerals has finally launched in the Philippines! 

VOM is 100% natural and is surely 100% PURE mineral makeup that's suitable for any age and skin type. All their products are also fragrance-free, making them friendlier to women who are prone to sensitivities. VOM products are long wearing and water resistant which make me love them more cause that make life easier for a busy woman like me with rare chances of having a break to retouch my makeup! :)

I love how their brushes are specifically made for mineral cosmetics. These brushes are made from premium-grade materials which can be used with wet or dry products! Just like their makeup, their brushes are also safe for women with sensitive skin cause the synthetic bristles are hypo-allergenic! :)

Virginia Olsen Beauty Tools Price List:

Total Face brush         
Php 500.00
USD 12.50

Contour/Blush brush               
Php 450.00
USD 11.25
Eyeshadow brush        
Php 300.00
USD 7.50
Concealer brush         
Php 350.00
USD 8.75
Blending Eye brush         
Php 350.00
USD 8.75
Angled Eyeliner/Brow brush         
Php 280.00
USD 7.00
Kabuki brush         
Php 600.00
USD 15.00

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