November 22, 2012

3 minute glowing skin: A substitute to makeup highlighter

Face has its natural depth and contours, but we can't avoid that sometimes our face look flat especially on photos. This is when the role of highlighter comes in, it adds more definition to areas we apply it on and it gives us an instant youthful glow. Contouring is basically adding shadows on face to soften certain features while highlighting is for defining the others to make them stand out. Highlighting also takes away eyes from the fake shadows we create from makeup contouring.

Makeup highlighter is slowly being discovered by more women, the thing is, not all know where and what shade to get so I came up with a convenient substitute! You want a highlight that's pearly and a few shades lighter than your skin tone. You may try to use this sub first before getting a highlighter or you never know, you might not even need to get at all, anymore when you learn my trick!

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