November 29, 2012

In love with Casino Femme pensprays!

There was a time we were all addicted to hand sanitizers dangling on our bags. Now is the time for a change, a change to be more classy and feminine!

Sharing with you this ad I produced for Casino Femme featuring Sam Pinto.
A commercial directed by my husband Richard Ang.

Sam was very pleasant to work with. Shooting this ad was a piece of cake because of her charm and beauty. And migod, she is so sexy! We didn't need to retouch anything in the video! Au naturale!

I really love Casino Femme, all their variants smell great and my hands don't dry because of its Dual Moisturizer ingredients. It also makes my hands smell good for a long time! Plus, I love how the penspray was designed to be handy yet classy and girly! I love its glittery design too! :) Take note, the pensprays are refillable and reusable! They are perfect for our tiny little purses even the littlest ones we bring with us to gimmicks and parties. Perfect, right? We should never sacrifice our hygiene!

In fact, this is the only alcohol that got me hooked because the scent is really fascinating and the moisturizing ingredients make my hands feel softer.

It truly is the perfect blend of strong but gentle!

Casino Femme is available at your local supermarkets and drugstores :)


Director: Richard Ang
Producer: Lei Hosseinzadeh Ang
Production Design: Mickey Hirai
Makeup: Lala Flores
Stylist: Alyanna Martinez
Cinematographer: Jun Aves
Assistant Director: Manman Angsico

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